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Friday, May 15, 2009

Op shopping

This weeks op shop finds. I have always wanted a set of these colourful tin cups in the zip up leather case. My uncle had a set for camping in his caravan and as a child I always adored them. Now I have some for my children.
A new basket for my it
This soccer game was a big hit straight away and it folds up into a carry case.

I always look forward to browsing in the op shops or going to garage sales to see what treasures I can find. Loving these ones this week.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grateful Mothers Day

365 Reasons to be Grateful was the topic that I spoke on at our Mothers Day service on Sunday. That is why I had not posted anything on here since early last week as it was a big week preparing a beautiful creative morning to celebrate all those fantastic mothers out there. I inspired for the idea from an article in a magazine `Notebook' about a woman that took photos of things that she was grateful for to help her overcome depression. She took one photo a day for 365 days. I started to do the same and it really does change you as you do become more grateful. We can be grateful for our lovely children and families and for life. I am. My children brought me some bacon and eggs on toast in bed. That was after setting the smoke detector off and dropping the best bit of the egg on the floor! But another freshly cooked egg made it to me along with a nice cup of tea in my new mug.
The above photo is the little soaps that we gave each of the ladies that came to our service on Sunday. Aren't they cute? Some were about to eat them as I forgot to mention that they were actually soap!!

I have almost finished Jemima's new quilt. I love it and so does she. I just have to get it all quilted together now. Next I will be making toadstool cushions for the fairy party. Each child will sit on a lovely red with white felt polkadots toadstool cushions at the fairy tea party on the new quilt in the fairy garden. I don't know who is more excited about it. Jemima or me!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I was going through some boxes of things that have been stored in the cupboard for a long long time and Jemima found this outfit. It was my Genie costume for ballet when I was her age. I think I may have been a bit taller. So she has had it on since she got home from school today and wanted to wear it to bed. I think it will be a hit for quite awhile sepecially with some jingly jangly jewelery to adorn. This evening I shall continue to piece together Jemimas new quilt.

New books...Love love love Debbie Bliss creations. Can't wait to start on some of these. Recieved a package in the mail today from my wonderful Mum. She sent me a number of her knitting magazines and books. Had a lovely afternoon browsing through them while the rain was pouring outside on all the washing I had just hung on my new clothes line...not happy about that...but loved the rain all the same.

Some new additions to the family. The guinea pig came a week ago and was promptly named `scratch' although I think it's name has changed several times since. The chickens finally arrived yesterday and are settling in well it seems. There are 4 new ones that are looking a bit poorly compared to the one chooky that I already had who is quite used to free-ranging the back yard. They should condition up well soon enough. There are plenty of slugs and snail and so on to go around all of them. I love the excited cackle that they make when they find one.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Garden

These are some shots I took of my garden. Well actually things that go in my garden when the garden gets made. I am about to set up a new permeculture garden of sorts. I had a veggie patch but after the birth of my third child it kind of got neglected. I am very keen to get it started again however and very motivated to start since we built the new clothes line. It's a lot more fun when everyone is outside woking together on project. So I'm hoping we all have some time on the weekend. My husband did just get his boat back after not having it for a month however, so I may not see him for a month! Not if the fish are biting!

A lovely Day

It was a lovely day today. I went outside early thismorning after a downpour overnight and filled my lungs with the wonderful fresh air with a hint of smoke from someones chimney. I wish I had a fireplace. My new clothesline is still waiting for a load of washing to hang on it because it has been too wet.
A bit of a look around the op shop today and I found an old typewritter which the kids were absolutely thrilled with and began publishing stories straight away. I enjoyed the sound of the click clack as I sat at the sewing machine and made Joash yet another pair of pants, this time out of an old shirt of daddy's. Look out Daddy, you may have no shirts left! Nice and easy as the side seams and hems were already sewn! I got the idea out of Amanda Soule's book `The Creative Family'.
Whilst out in the car today I snapped some shots of a chubby bubby in the carseat. Lovely.
Now the house is still as the children are settled in bed and all is well. Time for a cup of tea.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A new washing line

Saturdays....I love saturdays. A slow start to the day no rushing around ironing uniforms and packing lunches, but taking our time to enjoy breakfast. Then on with the music up nice and loud and dancing around whilst cleaning up the house after a long week. Then it's outside for the rest of the day.
Today we were making a new old fashioned clothes line for mummy (and daddy or whoever else might feel the urge to hang out some washing). Everyone pitched in to help (Joash excused).
How satisfying it is to do a good days hard work and see the finished product by sundown! Eli enjoyed helping Dad using the man tools... drill, and hammer. Whilst mum and dad broke their back shovelling a tonne of rocks the kids filled buckets with the rocks and transported them to under the new clothes line. I am sure we will all feel the pain tomorrow.
I have always wanted one of these types of old clothes lines. There is something satisfying about seeing long rows of sweet smelling washing hanging on lines. Speaking of sweet smelling, I am going to plant some sweet peas in the old wash tubs so that the washing can brush against them and I shall also plant some lavenders along the edge of the stones. Lovely.
Our day ended by lying on the trampoline looking up at the sky as the sun shone from behind highlighting some clouds....another lovely. So now to do some washing! Perhaps after a bit of sewing that is...hehe! P.S. I had photos to post with this but I can't seem to get it to work tonight so they shall have to follow in another post!

Friday, May 1, 2009

A pair of new pants for Joash, made from an old vintage cot sheet...too cute!
A jelly roll! Don't you love that name for this roll of precut beautiful fabrics?!
My favorite book at the moment...The Creative Family by Amanda Soule that author of my favourite blog site.
Whoops I added the same photo twice...I'll get the hang of doing this soon..

I have finally finished my mothers day quilt and now onto the next. Had a lovely morning in the patchwork shop and picked out some beautiful soft vintage pastels for a log cabin quilt for my girl Jemima. She is turning 6 in June which just amazes me. Where did those years go? She wants a fairy tea party and what better way to dish up a fairy tea party than on a lovely new quilt in the park. Better get cracking to finish it in time then.