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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I was asked recently to make a costume.
A very different project to what I am doing normally and so I was quite excited.

Have you ever seen the movie `HotRod'?

Well, I hadn't seen it before and so I followed some pictures from off the internet. After completing the costume, I decided that I really did have to watch this movie.

It's about a guy who wants to be a stuntman...but he really isn't good at it at all. He constantly has lots of accidents but always tries again.

It's really quite a ridiculous movie and not normally my style, but I didnt mind it.

Anyway, here is the costume.

I enjoyed making this and it gave me a break from my `normal' sewing projects

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The sewing nook

From this...

To this....
A friend was getting rid of this beautiful bookcase, so I snapped it up to try and get a little bit organised in my new sewing space.

I still have so many more stashes of material and nowhere to put them, and I haven't even started on `other craft' such as all my scrapbooking things. But this is a start. The fabrics I use the most are now visible and easy to grab.
This box was another of my bargain finds. It's just adorable and so very shabby chic!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Besides Sewing

Besides sewing, I have been in the mood for restoring things. After doing my sewing table, I was hooked. I then found a desk for my son that I shall be working on soon, and this absolutely adorable rocking chair. I found it at the tip shop for just $5!! I just love it!!! I thought about stripping the paint off it, but I think I actually like the whole shabby chic look as is, and will just put a new seat in it. Then of course, I will have to make a very shabby chic cushion for it.

I do love a good rumage at the tip shop and op shops. Have had some fabulous finds lately. Shall post more about my finds another day.

The other thing that I was busy last week with was our `Princess & Pirate' themed day at the mainly music group that I run. I quickly painted this castle the night before, which is now hanging in my daughter's bedroom.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What have I been up to?

What have I been up to?

A little while ago, I found this old solid recycled timer dining table, that I sanded back and gave a lick of white paint and left the legs raw timber for that shabby chic look. It is now my sewing table that I have set up in a sunny nook that used to be my son's bedroom. He has now moved into a big bed in his brothers room. So I finally have my own little craft room...yippeee

So...I finally decided to set up a Facebook page under the name Mimagirl Creations to sell a few of my handmade items. You must check it out. I recently had my very
first giveaway once I reached 100 likes on my page. One very lucky lady recieved these adorable Peter Rabbit cards and was quite delighted with them.

I will have more of Enid Blyton's beautiful character's on cards shortly. I also have been enjoying vintage Disney characters such as Thumper and friends.

I recently sold a tooth fairy pillow complete with fairy dust to the same lovely lady whose daughter had her first wobbly tooth. She was one very excited little girl to recieve a special pillow in which to place her tooth.

Lots more photos of things I have been creating that I shall post over the next few days or you could check out mimagirl creations on facebook!