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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Oh my Goodness.
Since doing the market I have had so many
lovely compliments and no greater compliment
than someone wanting you to make something for them.
I have had several people ask me to do a quilt for them. Also to make some of the skirts and pants but in larger sizes because their older children would just LOVE them!!!!
A lady I know turned up at my door thismorning because she had heard about my stuff, and had a look, bought some and ordered others!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Product photos

There it stall! I put up the bunting as part of my shop display and so many people wanted to buy it, so I guess I will have to make a few of them to sell for the next market! I still haven't figured out how to get the photos off my phone, so fortunately my husband came along and took one of the stall. Will be getting a slightly larger marquee for the next one so that I can fit more in. It was a bit squashy.
...and here is my name and the sign that I hung on the marquee.

The aprons are always a big hit.

My `Tickle Blankies' , also a huge hit. With the minkee on one side, people just couldn't keep their hands off them!
The giant single log cabin cot quilts are a favorite of mine to make. This is the girls one that I made for the market.

Just one of the many storage stashes of fabrics calling me to make them into something for the next market....better get started.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Market Day

Whoo hoo!

Market day finally arrived

After a late late night of finishing touches, and a sleepless night
it was up early to drive down to Pacific Palms with much anticipation and great expectations!
Despite the humidity and sweltering heat, it went really well. The biggest hoot being that I was approached by a shop owner who wants to stock my items!
I was ready for a break from the sewing machine for awhile after today, however, after an overwhelming boost to my confidence from comments today, and a short lay down, I'm right and ready to get back to my beautiful fabrics and machine.
Will definitely do the markets again. The whole atmosphere was very exciting and actually quite relaxing.
So here are some photos finally of just a few of the things I had for sale today. Unfortunately, I can't figure out my new phone and how to download photos yet, so images of my stall aren't going to be up today. My 16 month old found my mobile phone and deposited it through a small hole in the flywire of the backdoor for our dog to munch on!! If anyone decided to call dog might have rung!

Twirly three tiered skirts, tiered dresses, little jackets, funky pants and frilly hemmed ones for the girls, aprons, cot quilts, bean bags, hair clips, pencil rolls, and one of the biggest hits were my `tickle blankies`.

Now to go and figure out my phone!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sew Busy

Sew busy busy busy at the moment. I don't think I have stopped sewing except for christmas day since back in September. This Sunday is the really big market for Pacific Palms. I finally have a site booked. I have done car boot sales and the likes but this will actually be my first market under the name `mimagirl creations'. I am nervous but sooooo excited. The market organiser really liked my products and thinks I should do really well. So that is a confidence booster. So much to do still before then though.

Have been making my labels, and buisness cards, and setting up an email address

This is so that people who see my things at the market can email me if they would like to make an order.
I'll put up some photos in the next couple of days as I set up everything for the stall. At the moment there is stuff everywhere all over the lounges and the dinning table. I will be lucky soon to have a dedicated sewing/craft room that I have been longing for.